Jayme I. (Jay) Trusty, Executive Director
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Jay Trusty has served as the Executive Director of the SRDC since 2001. Previously, Jay was Community Health Services Administrator for Lincoln, Lyon, Murray, Pipestone Public Health Services, a four county joint powers agency also in southwest Minnesota. He is currently Secretary/Treasurer of the Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership and a member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Development Organizations. Jay holds a bachelor of science degree in government from St. John's University and a master of science degree in special studies: public administration from St. Cloud State University. Jay served as a Chemical Operations Specialist in the United States Army Reserve from 1981-1984 and as a Combat Engineer Officer from 1984-1994.
Betsy Herding, Economic Development Director


Annette (Netty) Bair, Physical Development Director


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Robin Weis, Aging Program Director


Dianne Crowley, Finance Director


Gail Radke, Senior Outreach Specialist
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