The SRDC Transportation Work Program objective is to continue coordination with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) in the planning and development of a comprehensive transportation system in southwest Minnesota.

Work to achieve this objective includes:

Public Input in Transportation Investment Decision making. The Region maintains a Transportation Advisory committee to review plans, provide direction on SRDC Transportation Activities, and to provide input into transportation investment decisions in southwest Minnesota through participation in the Area Transportation Partnerships (ATP).

Prepare Regional Studies as approved by MNDOT. The Regional Trail Corridor Plan update was completed in 2012, this Plan updated the 2000 Plan and incorporated priority criteria for funding trail plans, engineering, and construction. Recent participation in the County Engineers Wind Work Group has produced a Best Practices Guidance document for Engineers with tools, such as a Development Agreement and ESAL Calculator. The I-90 Interchange Study was just completed as a joint project between the SRDC and RNDC (our neighboring region to the east).

Maintenance of the Functional Classification System. Every public road in Minnesota has a functional classification. The highest classification is Arterial, the middle is collector and the lowest is local road. Federal Guidance allows only a certain percentage of road miles to be in the higher classifications. This is important because in order to have a federally funded road or bridge, it must be a major Collector road or higher.

State Transportation Plans. The RDC reviews and comments on State Transportation plans, including the modal plans (transit, freight, etc).

Other activities provided through the Transportation program include technical assistance, review and comment on Transportation Enhancement Applications, Safe Routes to School, as well as data resources upon request, and transit information assistance.

Transportation Advisory Committee

The Transportation Committee is convened to review, comment, and make recommendations on local, regional, district, and statewide transportation issues, plans, and programming. The Committee actively participates in commenting on transportation projects submitted for Federal Surface Transportation Funds. The Committee holds an annual meeting in June with the Mn/DOT District Engineers (Mankato and Willmar) to discuss transportation issues, concerns, and priorities; and to facilitate communication between local units of government and Mn/DOT.

The SRDC Transportation Committee membership is derived from the SRDC Full Commission, of which the majority are elected officials. The current membership of the Committee is:


Cottonwood County open  
Jackson County David Henkels, Co. Commissioner Heron Lake, MN
Jackson County Richard Peterson, Town Board Mountain Lake, MN
Lincoln County Eloise Hauschild, Town Board Minneota, MN
Lyon County Bob Byrnes, Mayor, Cities over 10,000 Marshall, MN
Murray County Gerald Magnus, Co. Commissioner Slayton, MN
Nobles County Matt Widboom, Co. Commissioner Worthington, MN
Pipestone County Bruce Kooiman, Co. Commissioner Edgerton, MN
Redwood County Sharon Hollatz, Co. Commissioner Redwood Falls, MN
Rock County Open  

Regional Planning - The SRDC Work Program identifies the need to conduct long-range transportation planning to promote a seamless transportation network. This is accomplished by working with MnDOT to prepare Regional Studies required by the legislature (i.e. Functional Classification, Market Artery, Economic Analysis, Scenic By-ways), and review and provide assistance with proposed plans to upgrade present transportation systems that serve the Region.

Area Transportation Partnership

The Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA) and its reauthorization in 1998 the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21) gave states more flexibility in determining transportation solutions and required the development of a Statewide Transportation Improvement Program. TEA-21 authorized the Federal surface transportation programs for the 6-year period 1998-2003, and was extended into 2005. In 2005, the President signed the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU) which authorizes Federal surface transportation programs for highways, highway safety, and transit for a 5-year period (2005-2009), and was extended through continuing resolutions until 2012.  MAP21 (Moving ahead for progress into the 21st Century) is a new performance based two year bill 2013-2014 that was designed to stream line the federal transportation programs.

With the passage of the first TEA act, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) decentralized the program decision- making process to a more local level. Area Transportation Partnerships (ATP) were established to facilitate a broader input into the project selection process. The ATPs provide more local input on the investment of federal transportation fund.

There are nine ATPs in Minnesota. The ATPs boundaries follow the MnDOT District State Aid boundaries. The Southwest Regional Development Commission participates in two Partnerships: ATP 7 (Mankato) and ATP 8 (Willmar).

The SRDC Participates in ATPs through
  • An evaluation process with respect to Regional Significance criteria or regional comment to maintain its' utility in transportation decision-making.
  • The ATP public participation process.
  • The provision of technical assistance to the ATP's to facilitate programming.
  • Membership on ATP 7 and ATP 8. Current member on ATP 7 is Matt Widboom, for ATP 8 is Bob Byrnes and Gerald Magnus.

Area Transportation Partnership 7 (ATP-7), Minnesota Department of Transportation District Seven ATP 7 Information, Policies and Procedures Manual, and Applications, please click the following link:

Area Transportation Partnership 8 (ATP-8)  


The SRDC provides staff assistance and assists to facilitate coordination of transit efforts in the Region.

Public Transportation Systems and Contacts in Southwest Minnesota:

Cottonwood County

Cathleen Amick

507/847-2632, 1-800-658-2480

Jackson County

Cathleen Amick

507/847-2632, 1-800-658-2480

Lincoln County

Cara Nielsen


Lyon County

Cathleen Amick

507/537-7628, 1-888-658-2448

Murray County

Michelle Miranowski


Nobles County

Karen DeBoer

507/372-4444, 1-800-658-2444

Pipestone County

Marc Hall


Redwood County

Cathleen Amick


Rock County

Elaine Vandenberg


2006 Southwest Region Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Coordination Plan. This plan was developed to meet the SAFETEA-LU planning requirements for projects who receive federal funds from the following programs: New Freedom Initiative, Job Access and Reverse Commute, and Elderly and Disabled Transportation Program. Plan was approved at the December 14, 2006 SRDC Board of Director's meeting. 
The Public comment period of the draft 2011 Local Human Service Transit Coordination Plan ended on October 31, 2011. 
The Plan was adopted by the SRDC Full Commmission at their November 10th,  2011 meeting. 
The 2012 Addendium to the Plan was approved by the SRDC Full Commission at their July 12, 2012 meeting
Background and meetings for the development of the 2011 update to the Regional Coordination Plan.  Three Steering Committee meetings were held, with one public input workshop:  April 5th, May 25 - Public input workshop and June 23 Steering Committee. Public comment on the draft plan will began on August 3rd at the Annual SRDC Transportation Committee meeting and concluded with a presentation to the SRDC Full Commission on October 31th.   
June 23 Steering Committee - Agenda
Regional Ride Coordination Council (initial start up in progress)  

On 5-7-2012 the Group met to learn more of the Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative ppt presentation (click)

A work plan for projects the Council will be working on in the next 1-3 years was developed was approved on July 12, 2012

Progress of Work Program Projects:

  • Transit and Related Services in SW Minnesota (Brochure May 2013) print 8.5x14" paper

2014 draft Plan - working document (updated 09-23-2014)

2014 draft Appendix A - Inventory - working document

2014 draft Appendix B - local plans - working document (updated 09-23-2014)

2014 draft Appendix C - regional prioritization - working document

2014 draft Appendix D -resources - working document


2010 Regional Trail Plan  The Regional Trail Plan was completed in 2010, with the Commission approval in January 2011. The prioritized list of trail projects will be updated every two years.

Safe Routes to Schools Regional Plans
       Lakefield Plan
       Jackson Plan
  • US DOT. This link provides access to other state DOT websites, Federal agencies related to Transportation,
  • Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). This website provides access to the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), News and Events, Road and Traveler Information, Links to the modal office in MnDOT, Publications, and Links to Other sites.
  • 511 Traveler Information. This weblink provides information about road and weather conditions.
  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). This website provides information about the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century, FHWA Programs, Legislation, and other websites.

For more information, contact Physical Development Director, Annette Bair.