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Serving 9 Counties, 80 Cities, 162 Townships, 32 School Districts, 1 Tribal Nation, and Over 117,000 People in Southwest Minnesota

Southwest Regional Development Commission (SRDC) is a nine-county Regional Development Organization that aims to connect units of government, businesses, and communities with the resources, planning, and services needed to promote and further opportunities in Southwest Minnesota.

Since 1973, SRDC has been a regionally-focused partner providing community development, economic development, and transportation planning initiatives across our nine-county region.

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The Mission of SRDC

The mission of the Southwest Regional Development Commission is to provide professional expertise and leadership to enhance regional opportunities.

Our Vision

The vision of the Southwest Regional Development Commission is to channel progressive collaboration between cities, counties, and townships so that shared knowledge and resources can be used to help the region prepare for a future where people and businesses thrive.

If we are successful, the region will see:

  • A growing workforce and business base
  • Population stability
  • Better lives for those living in the region
  • Solutions to regional challenges

Our Work

SRDC strives to promote thoughtful and resilient development, leadership, collaboration, businesses, and communities throughout Southwest Minnesota. This means we partner with our communities, local leaders, and organizations to ensure projects help the region thrive. Our work can include helping communities gain input on an idea or concern, creating plans for future development, working to help sustain and grow our business and entrepreneurial communities, helping to promote and drive initiatives, addressing underlying issues that may be inhibiting the growth or sustainability of a community, and much more.

We pride ourselves on providing tailored assistance to fit the needs of our communities and partners, and we value the history and potential of Southwest Minnesota. Our work is developed from our communities and for our communities.

Our Leadership

Southwest Regional Development Commission was organized by local elected officials in 1973 as authorized by the Minnesota Legislature’s Regional Development Act of 1969. The Commission is governed by 37 regional leaders, including elected officials representing the nine counties, 80 cities, 162 townships, 32 school districts, the Lower Sioux Indian Community, and the following public interest groups:

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Higher Education
  • Southwest Center for Independent Living
  • Health and Human Services
  • Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council

Regional Development Organizations in Minnesota

Minnesota is comprised of ten Regional Development Organizations (RDOs) working across the state to promote and create prosperity in Greater Minnesota. RDOs perform a variety of unique services based on the needs of their regions and partner with numerous state and federal agencies, obtaining and administering grants for programs and projects at the local level. Together, these ten RDOs for the Minnesota Association of Development Organizations (MADO).

SRDC is here to help strengthen your community!

SRDC offers a vast list of services to assist with your needs. Contact us if you are interested in working with SRDC on your project.

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