Southwest Regional Development Commission was organized by local elected officials in 1973 as authorized by the Minnesota Legislature’s Regional Development Act of 1969. The Minnesota State Legislature passed the Act to encourage cooperation among local units of government. Local leaders recognized the opportunities and formed the SRDC for the purpose of working with and on behalf of local units of government to develop plans and implement programs to address economic, social, physical, and governmental concerns.

The Commission is governed by 37 regional leaders, including elected officials representing the nine counties, 80 cities, 163 townships, 32 school districts, the Lower Sioux Indian Community, and the following public interest groups: Cultural Diversity, Higher Education, the Southwest Center for Independent Living, Health and Human Services, and the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council.

SRDC Commission Members Baron Arena

Current Commission Membership

*Indicates Board of Director

Executive Committee

Paul Langseth, Chair
Dennis Welgraven, Vice-Chair
Richard Peterson, Treasurer
Keith Elbers, Secretary
Miron Carney, Immediate Past Chair

Cottonwood County

Donna Gravley, Commissioner*
Jenny Quade, Municipalities
Terry Quiring, Townships

Jackson County

Don Wachal, Commissioner
Vacant, Municipalities
Richard Peterson, Townships*

Lincoln County

Mic VanDeVere, Commissioner
Dennis Klingbile, Municipalities*
Jeff Moen, Townships

Lyon County

Rick Anderson, Commissioner*
Pam Cooreman, Municipalities
Lori Grant, Townships
Bob Byrnes, City of Marshall*

Murray County

Dennis Welgraven, Commissioner*
Miron Carney, Municipalities*
Bill Crowley, Townships

Nobles County

Bob Paplow, Commissioner
Vacant, Municipalities
Paul Langseth, Townships*
Rick Von Holdt, City of Worthington*

Pipestone County

Chris Hollingsworth, Commissioner*
Vacant, Municipalities
Vacant, Townships

Redwood County

Bob Van Hee, Commissioner*
Vacant, Municipalities
Tiffany Lesmeister-Knott, Townships

Rock County

Sherri Thompson, Commissioner
Keith Elbers, Municipalities*
JoEllen Benson, Townships

School Boards

Eric Hartman, School Board*
Stephen Schnieder, School Board

Lower Sioux Community

Elliot Christensen, Lower Sioux Community
(Alternate: Tabia Goodthunder)

Special Interest Groups

See Moua-Leske, Cultural Diversity
Carrie Bendix, SW MN PIC
Vacant, SW MN Higher Education
Beth Wilms, Health & Human Services
Kristie Blankenship, SW MN Housing Partnership
Justine Wettschreck, Economic Development

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