Strategic Planning

What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning efforts are ways for communities to think holistically over a span of time, and focus on targeted areas or issues. Strategic plans are meant to be living documents and can be updated when necessary to continue to provide an accurate picture of the community's goals.

How can SRDC help?

Southwest Regional Development Commission has successfully assisted with numerous strategic planning sessions and with the creation of strategic plans for communities throughout the region. Our planners can assist with all aspects of strategic planning, including but not limited to:

  • Launching and conducting public input to ensure an equitable process
  • Developing and facilitating planning sessions
  • Developing, reviewing and updating strategic plans
  • Working with elected officials, staff and commissions to understand goals and outcomes

Examples of Recent Strategic Planning EffortsCity of Slayton Strategic Plan

City of Slayton: Strategic Plan to Increase Housing & Services for Older Adults

Murray County EDA: SRDC facilitated 3 strategic planning sessions to assist the Murray County EDA with the development of program goals and staffing needs.

City of Wabasso: SRDC facilitated a strategic planning workshop in Wabasso to overview the strategic planning process and the importance of strategic planning.


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