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Kor's Korner Pub - Holland, MN

Role models can motivate and inspire us and that is ex­actly what Darbi Kor had when dreaming of becoming a business owner. Darbi’s grandfather, Darvin Kor, was her role model and it is evident to the eye in much of what you see within her business in the small town of Holland in Pipestone County. Kor’s Korner Pub began as a vision for a 1908 building in Holland. The building, once home to the Holland State Bank, then a U.S. Post Office, office building, and then an apartment, got an upgrade when Darbi purchased it and turned her vision into a thriving business.

Although the building went through a remodel, Darbi kept its historic charm, including the woodwork, in the pub’s design. Memorabilia and a quote from Darbi’s grandfather can be found on the pub’s walls. But the most important change was bringing back a restaurant to the community.

Kors Korner Owner Darbi
Kors Korner building before remodel

With a population of less than 200 people, Holland holds a special place in Darbi’s heart. Darbi grew up in Holland, where for several years there has been no restaurant. Now, with the help and support of family, friends, local businesses, and the community, she’s able to provide a local gathering space for the community.

Kors Korner building after remodel

Darbi received financial and technical support services from the Southwest Regional Development Commission Revolving Loan Fund (RLF), First Bank & Trust in Pipestone, and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). SBDC is hosted by South­west Minnesota State University and was instrumental in putting together projections and financials for loan commit­tee consideration. Darbi also had help and support from her mentors—local business owners who were excited to welcome a new business to the area. The SRDC RLF was instrumental in making it possible for Kor’s Korner Pub to offer an expanded selection of food options, and also helped provide financing for furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory, and permits.

Kor’s Korner Pub celebrated one year of business in June 2022, and in July 2022, received SRDC’s Regional Project of the Year award for the impact the project has made to the community.

“The community is super supportive,” she said. “I just get a lot of compliments. Everybody is just glad Holland has something again, which is nice.”

Kors Korner Memorabilia
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