Take a Regional Campground Survey

Tell us what you think about the regionally designated parks in Southwest Minnesota

Have you visited any of the following parks in the past two years?: Garvin Park, Hole in the Mountain Park, Lake Washington Park, Memorial Park, Ramsey Park, and/or Twin Lakes Park

SRDC is partnering with Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission and seven regionally designated campgrounds across Southwest Minnesota to conduct an analysis of the impact of these campgrounds. As part of the analysis, SRDC is surveying previous and current campground users and would like your feedback on the campgrounds. All responses are anonymous and will be used to get a better
understanding of visitors to regionally designated campgrounds in Southwest Minnesota.

Have you or do you plan to stay at any of the campgrounds this season? Take the campground user survey:

Visited any of the seven parks in the last two years but not yet this season? Take the Past User Survey to provide feedback on your previous experience.

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