Land Use

Cottonwood County Land Use MapSouthwest Regional Development Commission works with local units of government, businesses and area residents to implement policies protecting the natural environment of our region. In addition to our work in Environment, Energy, Infrastructure, and Transportation, SRDC offers technical expertise in land use planning and development.

Planning & Zoning

A comprehensive plan is a kind of business plan for a community. An effective comprehensive plan includes careful analysis of existing conditions and trends, presents a clear vision of the community's future, and identifies specific policies, strategies, and actions to achieve that vision. The comprehensive plan also provides the legal basis for land use regulation in the city, such as zoning and subdivision ordinances.

Southwest Regional Development Commission has experience working with local units of government, private employers, and non-profit organizations across Southwest Minnesota. We regularly work with counties, townships, and cities to facilitate and manage land use planning and development regulations, from subdivision and zoning ordinances to redevelopment and transportation plans.

Whether you need an in-depth qualitative and quantitative profile of your jurisdiction, or a streamlined, focused kitchen-table strategic plan, SRDC can help you meet to the unique needs of your community.

Completed Plans & Studies


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

A geographic information system, or GIS, integrates hardware, software, and data to analyze and display geographically referenced information. Using this geodata technology helps to see information on the ground and visualize relationships, trends and patterns to improve decision-making.



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